Is Global Domains International a Scam? Let’s Find Out… “GDI Scam”

Is Global Domains International a Scam? Global Domains International, also known as “GDI” is a Web Hosting company, as well as a .ws domain registrar. GDI uses the domain as their main registrar website. GDI was founded in 1999 by Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir. These two highly motivated and business minded men focused on marketing .ws domains as WebSite during the dot com craze in the 1990’s. Although, in those days, .com and .ws were new, or different, today the new tlds we have are far greater. With newtlds such as .marketing, .exposed, .name and maybe even .website. The .ws domain craze is getting very out-dated for someone to actually pay $10 a month for 100MB of space and .ws domain name. It’s like comparing a 100MB USB stick to a 32GB USB stick. Back in the day USB sticks were very expensive, but today they are cheap as chips. Bottom-line is, their services cast way too much compared to those of name cheap or hostgator. GDI Scam? Not Really…

GDI also offer leads as part of their affiliate program. Unless you’re going to cold call every person on a 10 person lead list which cost’s $30, it’s not a good idea. In my opinion, it’s not worth the money, or time to purchase leads from a company, who’s purpose is to make as much money as possible. The GDI affiliate program has a weekly leader board where the top promoters of GDI are listed. For every 10 paying referrals within one week, they get paid $100. This is a very luring program, but chances are you’ll find it hard to make this happen if you’ve just started with the program, and don’t have the traffic or leads. For every GDI Referral under you, you will receive $1 per month if you are a basic member and $5 if you are a premium member which costs $50 a month. The recurring income Global Domains International Inc. pays is very low compared to what other programs like Wealthy Affiliate pay in their affiliate program. The product is also hard to sell due to the competitive market for web hosting. Read another Global Domains International Review here.

To call it a Scam is out of the question. MLM of any type is there for the business to grow, and it gives you a chance to earn an income. If there is a product offered, it is legal, even if the product is overpriced as in the case of Global Domains International Inc./GDI.

GDI is not a scam, and if you are calling it a scam, maybe it’s because you didn’t make any money from it.

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