Ad Click Xpress Scammers Hungry for more…

“Please keep going as long as you can. Buying as many Ad Packs as you can afford… ” This is what my latest Ad Click Xpress email was. Don’t buy into this scam. It’s nothing but a scam, they are encouraging promoters to bring in more victims.

Here’s an email I recieved on the 20th of Feb 15 titled “You don’t need money to make a lot of money at ACX”.

They are encouraging scammers to scam more victims. Of course, you won’t make money with this program unless you sell them the hype that is ACX and make some dirty money.

An excerpt of the email:

“There is a common saying in business that reads, “It takes
money to make money.”  Well, at ACX it is very possible to
make a lot of money without having to use any of your
own.  Let us show you how!

Sign-up New Members (Your Personal Referrals):

Even though “recruiting” is not required to earn Daily Sales
Commission up to 2% a day, anyone can earn generous
Referral Commission when you sign up New Members.”

Steal members money and get paid

I don’t have time to keep posting, please Join and start posting new stuff


You Gotta Spend Money to Make Money? Who Says?

Can You Really Make Online Profits Without Investment?

During the last 6 years that I’ve been online, I have found it difficult to find any valuable resources which would show me how to earn money online without any risk. I’ve gone down many dark roads. By dark roads, I mean the hyped up Product launches hosted through ClickBank, or the MLM companies that make affiliates pay up to $50 a month just to be able to earn money selling the “Product” they offer. Some marketing programs upsell more ebooks, video tutorials or memberships than you can afford to pay or have the time to view. The things I have mentioned are just some of the ways you can get “sucked in” as a young entrepreneur. You will soon learn that not everyone is out here selling you something that you will make the most out of, or that is sustainable in the long run. A hyped up product launch, a dodgy High Yield Investment Program or a Paid to Click Advertising Program is not going to necessarily make you “rich” online is it? Maybe it will, but the truth is, a very high percentage of people will actually fail because they have either been scammed so many times to keep going, or they just couldn’t, or didn’t know how to make a profit, and have suffered financially. It is not impossible to have a job online that pays well.

Earning Money Online without Suffering Financially

It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to go down that road. When I first started online the thing that I was most attracted to was someone’s Product that would allow me to earn money online, and profit, with the “click of a button”? I thought in my mind, that this would be the  best and only way to do it. I never once challenged myself to go the extra step and do something myself without having to put money into some “guru’s” pocket. But soon, I would realize just how unyielding this task can be.

The higher the investment, the higher the yield right? Not so fast. Investing in a $100 product, you will need to sell enough to make $100 back.

There’s a big risk in going here because you may never make the $100 back. Say goodbye to making online profits without investment risk, because the investment of Crappy products is very risky indeed and any Investment is always risky. Every guru out there has created their own “unique” product. Doesn’t mean that product willwork as suggested, not for you anyway. These Guru’s have taken that extra step, the step you wouldn’t take. To avoid being baited by these influential individuals, you mustn’t let your guard down. Be aware of your surroundings, and when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I suggest you don’t go that far as to lure people with over-hyped claims about your program or product, which is also over-priced. My word of advice is to find a trusted methods, that benefit you and the customer. This way you are able to make money with no money, not necessarily earn money fast though.

My list of Potential Online Jobs without Investment

Here are my 5 suggestions for you to earn money online without investment:

  • Start Blogging – Write about what you love, a hobby, anything! Host a free Blog at, and
  • Affiliate Marketing – Sell products for business and receive recurring or one-off payments. Join a company that doesn’t make you buy the product first, unless you use the product already. Ebay and Amazon are my two favourites. ClickBank can help you Earn Money Online without investment. If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, you can join the Wealthy community.
  • YouTube Videos – Create a YouTube Channel that people love. Earn AdSense Revenue when people view your videos.
  • Provide Services – Sites like Fiverr, Elance and Freelancer let you find customers who are looking for your services.
  • Facebook or Twitter Fan Pages – The most popular pages on Facebook have 1Million+ fans. Start a page so entertaining or important that you can literally make thousands with it.

Hopefully you took something with you from this article, and good luck in picking one of the many online jobs without investment risk.

Is Global Domains International/GDI a Scam? Let’s Find Out… “GDI Scam”

Is Global Domains International a Scam?

Global Domains International, also known as “GDI” is a Web Hosting company, as well as a .ws domain registrar. GDI uses the domain as their main registrar website. GDI was founded in 1999 by Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir. These two highly motivated and business minded men focused on marketing .ws domains as WebSite during the dot com craze in the 1990’s. Although, in those days, .com and .ws were new, or different, today the new tlds we have are far greater. With new tlds such as .marketing, .exposed, .name and maybe even .website. The .ws domain craze is getting very out-dated for someone to actually pay $10 a month for 100MB of space and .ws domain name. It’s like comparing a 100MB USB stick to a 32GB USB stick. Back in the day USB sticks were very expensive, but today they are cheap as chips. Bottom-line is, their services cast way too much compared to those of name cheap or hostgator. Keep reading for more details…

Global Domains International Affiliate Program Scam?

GDI also offer leads as part of their affiliate program. Unless you’re going to cold call every person on a 10 person lead list which cost’s $30, it’s not a good idea. In my opinion, it’s not worth the money, or time to purchase leads from a company, who’s purpose is to make as much money as possible. The affiliate program for the commonly named Global Domains International Scam has a weekly leader board where the top promoters of GDI are listed. For every 10 paying referrals within one week, they get paid $100. This is a very luring program, but chances are you’ll find it hard to make this happen if you’ve just started with the program, and don’t have the traffic or leads. For every GDI Referral under you, you will receive $1 per month if you are a basic member and $5 if you are a premium member which costs $50 a month. The recurring income Global Domains International Inc. pays is very low compared to what other programs like Wealthy Affiliate pay in their affiliate program. The product “GDI Scam” sells is also hard to sell due to the competitive market for web hosting. Read another Global Domains International Review here.

Is the GDI Scam real?

To call it a Scam is out of the question. MLM of any type is there for the business to grow, and it gives you a chance to earn an income. If there is a product offered, it is legal, even if the product is overpriced as in the case of Global Domains International Inc./GDI.

GDI Scam?, GDI is not a scam, and if you are calling it a scam, maybe it’s because you didn’t make any money from it.

Thanks for reading my Global Domains International Review.

Write a Comment… What are your thoughts on my Global Domains International Scam Review?

Is ACN a Scam?… ACN Donald Trump Scam

Is ACN a Scam?

ACN Scam. Not exactly. Like many MLM companies, ACN works in a way where you have to sell their product to make money. In this short ACN Review I will highlight the main points of ACN. ACN was founded in 1993 by Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz. A prominent Multi-Millionaire has endorsed the company, and brought more recognition to ACN. Donald Trump, on his television show the Apprentice.

When joining ACN: A one off joining fee of around $500 is required, and a $30 monthly fee for the website. So you’ll be dishing out $860 on your first year with ACN. That’s not all, you’ll have to buy the ACN product you want to sell, you can guess how much starting and running costs will add up to. Thousands of dollars will be spent before you even make a sale.

ACN Pyramid Many business owners fail with ACN, and it’s not mystery why. The risk in joining ACN is severe and if you’re not careful, you could be losing more money than you planned on making. The $500 starting fee that ACN charge is only refundable within 10 days of joining, and that is probably only when you paid with credit card, where you can file a dispute with the bank.

We’ve been through the financial difficulty of running an ACN ‘Business’. Lets look at the products they offer. ACN offer Internet Bundles with home phone, Mobile Plans with a mobile phone included, NBN Internet Services, Gas and Electricity and Digital Phone Service with Video Calling.

When you join ACN you will be told that you will become rich if you want to. “All you have to do is recruit people and get them to pay $500, and you will be rich”. However, this is not always the case. Your job is to sell their products that are mentioned above. This is not taught to people who are about to join and pay the $500 fee.

You won’t make any money with ACN as you will need to get people under you, and you need to sell 7 services and have at least 2 people to make money with ACN. No matter how many services you sell, you still need the second person under you. To sell the ACN service, your customer will need to cancel the current company they are with and join with ACN.

ACN Scam?

This is the main idea behind the ACN business model. So Is ACN a scam? I wouldn’t call ACN a Scam as you can make a large amount of money, but you will not do it over night. The Maser Brothers Patrick and Mike are an example of how you can find success in ACN, who are part of the Leading team at Wealth Institute inc ACN. You need to be patient, plan wisely and have some knowlege in network marketing to make the ACN Business Work. I’m hoping this to be one of many ACN Reviews that makes it clear to people whether this is an ACN Scam or Not.

Ad Click Xpress Sign Up may be inescapable!

According to Alexa, the web traffic analysis tool, Ad Click Xpress has had it’s rank dropped from 500 to almost 5,000 in a matter of months. I am suspecting this is due to the awareness made by multiple web forums and scam blogs that are exposing Ad Click Xpress for what it really is. The question is, if people are realizing that it is a scam, and are leaving, what’s stopping others from joining? The authorities can’t do anything as we all know, the site has been up for nearly 12 months, and many victims have already notified the FTC, SEC and other relevant bodies.

The cowards that are currently promoting this “Income Opportunity” already know how big of a scam it is. The reason they do this is because even with that knowledge, they know they haven’t put any money into this scheme, so even if they don’t get paid from referrals, all they wasted was time posting a link, but the people that join and invest their money suffer financially.

My message to those deciding to “Sign Up” to this Business Venture, do it at your own risk. You have been warned countless times all over the internet, this decision is entirely yours. Our experiences are here to serve as a caution. Ad Click Xpress is a scam. Soon enough the site will be taken down. The perpetrators of this crime will be caught and dealt with soon enough.

To give our visitors something to seriously think about, please leave your testimony below in the comments.


Is ACN a Scam? ACN SCAM Review. Find Out Now!

The ACN Scam: ACN Review

ACN Scam? Read this ACN Scam Review – It is a half-billion-dollar worldwide business based near Charlotte, US, you may have never heard of it. It’s called ACN and it claims to be the world’s largest direct seller of phone services, but one regulator say it’s a Pyramid Scheme. You might know the building even if you don’t know the company, located just north of the major financial centre Charlotte North Carolina. ACN’s world headquarters sits right on I 85 in Concord and even if you don’t know this place, you will know ACN pitchman Donald Trump. ACN cells Internet phone services by recruiting independent sales reps in 20 nations around the world but the montana securities commissioner has ordered ACN to stop doing business there calling it a pyramid scheme, and many call it the ACN Scam.

Why ACN Scam? People look for a way to make money in these hard times, so it’s good to find a way to try to make some money in these hard times. In the case of a Pyramid Scheme, or MLM Scam, ninety-nine point nine percent of people aren’t going to make anything. ACN says the vast bulk of its revenue comes from selling phones and phone service to customers. Montana Security Commissioner disagrees, she says most of ACN’s revenue comes from recruiting other sales reps who pay 500 bucks a head for the right to sell. About 300 montanans participated in 2009 and they spent over a quarter million dollars in their hard-earned money to participate. The company paid out about less than nine hundred dollars. ACN says it’s got something to sell.  A desktop video phone retails for 130 dollars. Webcams comes standard on many laptops these days, not to mention iPhones new face time.

The i-team obtained consumer complaints from the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, there are 32 of them, but in only eighteen of these cases did ACN offer refunds. Politicians welcomed it with open arms offering more than a half million dollars in tax breaks and the company markets itself as a good corporate citizen. ACN has pledged two million dollars to the new Charlotte Ronald McDonald House, more than any other corporation.

So, Is ACN a Scam?

But some ACN sales leaders come with baggage. Brothers Patrick & Michael Mazer are top sellers in the so-called circle of Champions. Pictured with private jets and luxury cars, but their online bios leave out one thing. Both brothers pled guilty in federal court in 2003, to felonies connected to a Dutch ecstasy ring, drug smuggling hundreds of thousands of pills and laundering the money all while they were ACN sales Reps. Patrick got probation, Michael Maser prison time. Now they run their own company The Wealth Institute. So which is it, is ACN a good corporate citizen or as montana says, a pyramid scheme.

The ACN Reviews and opinions vary for each person. It’s not about who you believe, it’s about cold hard numbers and here’s the thing, some of these numbers are not available to us the company is private, and it does not reveal how many sales reps lose money and quit the company. No doubt a handful of sales reps like the Mazer brothers do very very well, but montana records show in 2008 of ninety-one sales reps there, none of them made more than seven hundred dollars. If you think ACN isn’t a scam, then can you name someone you know of, who’s joined, but had not made any money, and lost $500. Chances are, you don’t. It’s not that the people behind the company are frauds, or that the company isn’t paying. It’s that the ACN business model makes it all look like a scam, and people start wondering, Is ACN a Scam. MLM is a very easy way for someone with a cheap product to make money with. Think about it, they have a cheap product that most people aren’t interested in anyway.

For example – You have joined ACN in order to make some money, of course. You are charged the $500 bill in order to have rights to sell their products. Remember, no one is interested in buying the products, because in this day and age, people already have internet, people have a mobile phone and have cameras etc. So, what happens next?

Well, it turns out someone was interested in their product? The affiliate.

The product is the actual business model, they make their money by recruiting people, who end up failing, as no one wants to buy their products. Which is why they came up with the business model in the first place. Think about it. Every single MLM – Multi Level Marketing Program will have a product or service that seems odd, doesn’t sell well, or has a very competitive market. This is why they target individuals who want to make quick easy cash, as they are the ones who will pretty much pay anything to become their own boss. They are the ones who are usually inexperienced. This is why I call ACN SCAM. They don’t do any advertising, and they don’t market themselves as a retailer of telecommunications wordwide. The people do it for them, while also paying $500? This just seems fishy when you start to really think about it. I will call ACN a scam whether you agree with it or not.

Please write a comment on your thoughts on ACN, or any experiences you’ve had, whether good or bad, I want to hear them. Thanks.

Update: ACN Scam 2014 Review  – Why I changed my mind about ACN here.

(This article contains transcripts from the News Channel 36 Report on ACN)

AdClickXpress – A Scam like no other!

AdClickXpress was previously known as ‘Just Been Paid’, which was changed to ‘Click Paid’.  It’s the Same Scam, Same Owners, Same Format, just a different Website Name.  As many other hard working people, I lost a great deal of money with these companies.  Please, file a complaint with the FBI, Internet Fraud Division.  You can file online, and it is very simple.  We must help stop these scammers from hurting more innocent people!

No withdraw of funds

I am a Migrator from the original platform that offered the million dollars if you could prove it WAS not sustainable.. I had over 200 earned that came from my cash investment that they will not let me have access to.  Even though i can see it.  I do not get a answer back on my tickets.. I am told if I put more money in I will be given access and i did and was not.. only 20 bucks but still.  What can I do… argh..

Mark Lindsay could be a major player?

I did some research on the owner of and the rest of these scam sites linked to it, and found that Mark Lindsay is another name associated with this scam. was the oldest site of them all, registered on 11-Feb-1997. Mark Lindsay appeared early in 1997 on’s footer as the creator of the website, but was later removed. I found this while doing a Whois search which reveals past Whois submissions. A funny thing is he was removed from the Whois later on the 06-June-2005 why? He also appeared in the whois of many websites he was involved with such as etc.. This is when “frederick mann” was created. the name on whois later changed to Frederick Mann on the 27-Oct-2007. I am sensing that he may be playing a huge role in this whole thing, I hope his real name is Mark Lindsay. If anyone knows anything please post a comment below, or better yet, write up a new post.

– Admin