Ad Click Xpress Sign Up may be inescapable!

According to Alexa, the web traffic analysis tool, Ad Click Xpress has had it’s rank dropped from 500 to almost 5,000 in a matter of months. I am suspecting this is due to the awareness made by multiple web forums and scam blogs that are exposing Ad Click Xpress for what it really is. The question is, if people are realizing that it is a scam, and are leaving, what’s stopping others from joining? The authorities can’t do anything as we all know, the site has been up for nearly 12 months, and many victims have already notified the FTC, SEC and other relevant bodies.

The cowards that are currently promoting this “Income Opportunity” already know how big of a scam it is. The reason they do this is because even with that knowledge, they know they haven’t put any money into this scheme, so even if they don’t get paid from referrals, all they wasted was time posting a link, but the people that join and invest their money suffer financially.

My message to those deciding to “Sign Up” to this Business Venture, do it at your own risk. You have been warned countless times all over the internet, this decision is entirely yours. Our experiences are here to serve as a caution. Ad Click Xpress is a scam. Soon enough the site will be taken down. The perpetrators of this crime will be caught and dealt with soon enough.

To give our visitors something to seriously think about, please leave your testimony below in the comments.