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Profit Clicking Trying to Talk Positive

Since the purchase of JustBeenpaid, the New owners have launched Profit Clicking, a highly criticized platform for users to invest their money, in return, receive a small percentage of what they invested daily. This is untrue, as they try and try to find ways of making you earn less, and to decrease your earning, and further invest money. Don’t be fooled, a similar site that got sued was ZeekRewards. Maybe a google search on ZeekRewards will shed some light on what kind of program Profit Clicking is. Before you jump in, do your research.

These kinds of programs never last, as they don’t offer a valuable product to the user. Profit Clicking promote their system as a Traffic Generation Tool, even though the only people that join, join for the Income Opportunity and the product is just there to make people think it isn’t a scam, when in reality it really is a big FAT SCAM!

Zeek Rewards was running smoothly, when all of a sudden, their system was shut down be the federal government. Do you want to be in the position of having your money stolen by scammers? I presume not. They are paying new members with money that people invest, which is why members that have been with them for a while complain of not receiving money, their new members get that money.